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Mortgage Broker Leicester - A local touch

So why is it important to have a mortgage broker in Leicester to help you along the way? There’s much to love about owning your own property, but much has to happen between deciding that you want to buy a home and actually getting the keys. And anyone who has been through the process knows that this isn’t always the easiest task in the world. There can be complicated and difficult moments at every turn. As such, it’s important to take steps to simplify the process whenever possible. One of the more challenging tasks is getting a mortgage that you are happy with. As such, it’s recommended that you work with a mortgage broker. 

Leicester is a multicultural city, based in the midlands so is central to the country with great transport links. Trains to London take an hour into central London which makes it ideal for big city commuters. The house prices in Leicester can be far cheaper than the bigger cities so you are getting more bang for your buck! 

As with most cities some areas are very popular and properties can be bought and sold quickly such is the demand and being prepared with a mortgage broker in Leicester early in the process ensures you are ready to go when that dream property comes onto the market. Popular areas include, Oadby, Stoneygate, Knighton, Hamilton and Humberstone to name a few. Having lived in Leicester for the majority of my life I can give key insights into the different areas and information you need to find your dream home. I have great connections with many local estate agents who can find the ideal property for your need

What does a mortgage broker do?

The role of a mortgage broker is to work solely for your needs. The broker works for you and in your best interests. The job involves understanding your circumstances and needs to be able to guide you to the right advice about purchasing a property using finance. 

A mortgage advisor will have access to the whole of the market to be able to give you access to the most appropriate mortgage deals available and understand the lenders criteria to be able to narrow down the most suitable lender for your needs. Who in this day and age has the time to research all the different lenders themselves and understand the complexities each lender has with their application process and lending ability. Their function is to get you a better mortgage than you would be able to get yourself. 

What are the benefits of using a mortgage broker?

Of course, you don’t need a mortgage broker to get a mortgage. You’re able to do it yourself, often by going directly to your bank. So why would you work with one? Essentially, because they’re experts, at what they do.  It’s important to remember that not all mortgages are the same: some will be right for you; some will be wrong for you. They can compare the market for you and identify the most appropriate deals. They’ll use your financial information, credit score and circumstances to give you access to a mortgage that’s right for you, and may also save you money. 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using a broker is that they have access to hundreds of products. If you work with your bank, for example, then you’re getting access to one product: the banks. While this might be the best deal for you, it’s far from guaranteed, it’s much likely that you’ll find the best deal when there are many options to choose from. As well as making the process of getting a mortgage more straightforward, you’ll also have peace of mind that you’re researching more mortgage products than you would have access to on your own as many lenders will only work through brokers. Mortgage terms can be up to 40 years so being locked into a deal that has a higher interest rate or costly early repayment clauses, can have a big impact on your personal finances.

What services are offered by a mortgage broker?

As we’ve already mentioned, mortgage brokers have a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to getting a mortgage. This is especially useful if you need a specialist type of mortgage. For example, if you’re self-employed and want to buy a home, then you may find that some traditional mortgage routes are closed to you. A mortgage broker can help to locate a mortgage that suits your specific needs. They’re also highly adept at getting First Time Buyer mortgages, as well as working with people who are looking to remortgage their home.

All of these types of mortgage can be a little complicated. They require a little bit of specialist care. While you can do them on your own, you might find that the process is overly complicated, and the difficulties can make getting the right deal more difficult. A professional and experienced broker has the know-how to make sure you end up with one that’s right for your needs. 


A local broker

There’s no shortage of mortgage brokers out there, but it’s much better to work with a local broker, rather than one that’s located elsewhere. Local brokers know and understand the local housing market, and will also have local contacts that can help through the process, such as Estate Agents or Solicitors. They have information that people located further afield just couldn’t have because they don’t know the area. 

Ultimately, there are many advantages to working with a mortgage broker. They do more than just looking at the options available; they work with you to understand your situation and your specific needs, helping to get you a deal that you’re happy with, all the while making things more straightforward. 

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